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The inhabitant of ‘Eua are the people from ‘Ata and people of Niua. The capital of ‘Eua is ‘Ohonua. There are 14 villages, most of them run along the top of the island from ‘Ohonua to Ha’atu’a. The original cities are ‘Ohonua, Tufuvai, Pangai, Houma and Ha’atu’a.

Walking in to the island of ‘Eua is like walking back on time. If you want to experience the old Tongan, come along to ‘Eua and discover for yourself the tapa making, weaving mats, cooking in the ground, gathering food from sea and land.

There are two ways to get to ‘Eua from the main island of Tonga. You can enjoy the world shortest flight or travel by ferry.

The ferry leaves Tongatapu, the main island from Queen Salote wharf. You can buy your ticket at the wharf.

Indeed, ‘Eua is the perfect destination for diving adventures and eco-experiences.
Languages spokenTongan and English are the main languages used
Currency usedTongan Paanga (TOP)

Culture and history info

'Eua island is the oldest island in Tonga. It is 30 million year older and has some great myths, legend and stories. You will discover the Lakufa'anga, Li'anga huo 'a Maui, story of Toa fotu loi and many many more.Culture and history image

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Cave Diving in Eua

Cave Diving in Eua

Tonga Diving Tour | ‘Eua Island Cave Dive ‘Eua Island Cave Dive is one of the best caver More info

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