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Tonga is one of the most scenic, virgin islands of the Pacific Island nations. It is located in the heart of the beautiful South Pacific ocean. New and returning visitors are enticed by the unique experiences that are on offer across the five main island groups. Come and discover the vast beauty, rich culture and relaxing island ways of Tongan life for yourself! Responsible travel in Tonga is still in its early stages, though there are now several great programs in place!Our Tonga Country Guide will give you all the travel information you need to know to plan your Tonga vacation, while our Tonga Destination Guide will give you some handy information about some of the exciting things to see and do during your Tonga holiday. Joining a Tonga tour or activity is an exciting and easy way to explore the country!

Tonga Transportation

The beautiful island of Tonga is best reached and traversed by Air or Sea. Your personal yacht will definitely come in handy for island hopping on the warm pacific waters. Public ferries operate between the main island groups. Once you reach an island the best way to get around is on your own two feet while enjoying the serenity of island life.With 176 islands making up the Kingdom of Tonga, you will need a lot of time and strong sea legs to see them all!

Tonga Shopping

With more and more tourists arriving each year, an increasing number of shopping malls are swiftly coming up. A very well maintained and well-stocked shops, both in terms of variety and quantity. Local attractions includes handicraft or handwork items, an industry that is very well established in Tonga. The city malls and other shops spread all over the markets offer modern shopping experiences too. Different segments of Tongan markets sell different items so the best way to explore them is to drop in and walk around.

Tonga Restaurants

The rich cuisine of Tonga is a blend of Chinese, French, German, Indian, Italian, and Japanese cuisine. The traditional Tongan dishes includes crayfish and fish, octopus, steamed pork, suckling pig, and tropical fruits. Restaurants in Tonga often offer the cuisine of Germany, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan. Some of the most well liked and mouth watering dishes were deviled clams, feke consisting of squid or grilled octopus in coconut sauce, lobster, meat and onions marinated in coconut milk and baked in taro leaves, ‘ota or raw fish marinated in lemon juice, ‘ufi or large white yam, taro, tropical fruits, and all types of salads.

Experience a traditional Kava Ceremony; lively music, enthusiastic singing, non-stop dancing and also plenty of drinks!